CKS High Performance Coach

Saskatoon Racing Canoe Club is pleased to announce that through Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan (CKS) , there is a new Northern High Performance Coach for 2017.  CKS has brought in Mr. Rob Sleeth.  Rob has his B.A. with Honors in Kinesiology as well as his Masters in Exercise Physiology & Coaching Science.

His Canoe/Kayaking experience includes:

1978 – 1999        Canadian Canoe Association (Currently Canoe Kayak Canada)

1978 – 1984        Assistant Coach - National Team (Sprint). Where he coached assigned athletes in preparation for World Championships and 1980 & 1984 Olympic Games – including Alwyn Morris & Hugh Fisher, Gold &     Bronze medallists 1984

          1985 – 1988        Head Coach – National Team (Sprint)

  • Developed annual N.T. objectives & programs for 1988 Seoul quadrennial
  • Established HPC’s in Ottawa, Halifax-Dartmouth, Mississauga, Burnaby & Montreal
  • Provided leadership to and mentored National Coaches in the National HPC’s

          1989 – 1999        High Performance Director (Sprint)

  • Conceptualized and implemented strategies, plans, programs and policies which underpinned National Team successes in the 1990’s and beyond
  • Collaboratively lead the effective coaching team which drove consistent World Championship & Olympic success in all disciplines – Women’s Kayak, Men’s Kayak and Canoe
  • Team Leader at all World Championships and 1992 & 1996 Olympic Games

1999 – 2013        Human Resource Excellence

Principal in a Human Resource Consultancy specializing in behavioural assessment and candidate recruitment & placement

2013 – 2016        British Canoeing

                2013-14                Senior Podium Coach Men’s 1000M Kayak Squad

                2015-16                Senior Podium Coach Women’s Olympic Squad

  • Coached assigned athletes in preparation for 2014, 15 World Championships and 2016 Olympic Games including three GB Olympic Team members (Women’s Kayak)

Developmental Coach

Information coming soon!